About Telic

We exist to enable businesses create meaningful relationships through digital marketing.

  For decades, marketing has always thrived on upping sales through fear, hope and urgency. We aim to change that. Our goal is simple: customers will choose a brand not because of its commercials but based on the relationships it has created.


Trustworthiness – We aim to develop a relationship with our clients and their businesses. Our growth must always be a result of our clients’ businesses growing under our aid. Not only that, we want to establish ourselves as a company that they trust with whatever their online marketing need is.

Excellent – We desire for excellence in every aspect of our service towards any type of client. Thus, Telic has placed a system of accountability within teams in order to promote excellence. Not only this, there is also an apparent priority towards quality both on product and on process.

Latent– We believe that each person has unrealized potential. We believe that each one has a latent God-given gift that because of the lack of intent in discovery is still untapped. Telic aims to discover and nurture each one’s potential in order to help a person grow in character and in career.

Integrity – We always put character as important, if not more important, than skills. Thus, being trustworthy, sincere, honest and upright are qualities we acknowledge and commend because they are what makes up integrity in a person. Because of this, the principles behind most of the values promoted within Telic are based from the Bible.

Compassionate – We believe that the success of the company profit-wise should always be met with compassion towards the less fortunate. Telic has thus put up long-term plans not only for the growth of the company but also the growth of the programs which aim in improving the livelihood of nearby communities and beyond.


I. Towards: A Quality Service

We strive to always be on top when it comes to service quality. Thus, our services and its processes are geared to be results-oriented.

II. Towards: A Holistic Service

There are many areas and needs in online marketing. Some become obsolete while many either become more complex or are split into different categories. Telic’s goal is to provide an all-inclusive service wherein the client has all his online marketing needs met by Telic (departments, products and/or partners).

III. Towards: A Growing Service

Expansion is a big part of Telic’s plan for expansion. However, the measurement for this goal is not simply by the number of employees but also by maintaining the output while also steadily growing. To measure that, the overall sales for a year (we call it “season” which starts at December and ends in November).

IV. Towards: Community Impact

As the company progresses in profit, so should its giving towards those who need help in society. Telic believes that one of the purposes of its existence is to make an impact to the communities whether through scholarships, education others in its expertise or through directly helping others.

How Telic Is Innovating Its Services:

  • early 2011 – offered writing of SEO articles to select clients as group of freelancers
  • mid 2011 – started a brand which offers article writing services
  • 2012 – started link building services
  • 2013 – started SEO services, video creation services and website design
  • early 2014 – started online marketing services (full services & custom) to small businesses
  • late 2014 – the Telic brand was born which offers custom online marketing services to small and medium sized businesses
  • mid 2015 – a company-wide training and improvement on social media in order to bolster social media marketing & management services to compete with latest developments in that space