About Telic Digital


We exist to build purposeful relationships using digital marketing.

This has always been our driving statement, our why. For decades, marketing has always thrived on upping sales through fear, hope and urgency. We aim to change that. 

Our goal is simple: customers will choose a brand not because of its flair but based on the relationships it has created. Thus, our services are aimed to connect brands and businesses to its target followers using purposeful and efficient marketing strategies.


Our How

Our how (or values) drive how we want to achieve our why and how to perform our what (services).

Always Give Value
Guiding Question: How can we improve our products and services to our clients?
Take Care Of Each Other
Guiding Question: How can we improve taking care of each other holistically?
Do Things That Will Last
Guiding Question: How can we improve in our efforts in benefitting our community?

Our What (Services)


Web Development

Social Media

Search Marketing

Let’s Build Your Brand Together!