Virtual Assistant Services

Getting tired of repetitive and boring tasks?

Tasks that are usually requiring a lot of hours to do but actually can be done easily by someone else?

Do you think you’re being burnt out because of small tasks? Do you wish work is a lot easier?

Introducing, the help you need…

TelicAssist – Skilled & Competitive Virtual Assistants for Hire


  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Complex problem solving
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Good Customer service
  • Computer-literate performer with extensive software proficiency covering wide variety of applications
  • Results-driven achiever with exemplary planning and organizational skills, along with a high degree of detail orientation
  • Innovative problem-solver who can generate workable solutions and resolve complaints
  • Resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues


Data Entry

Providing the charge of collecting data and filling your business spreadsheet to an efficient Virtual Assistant who would keep updating your database entries with dedication and responsibility.

Content Writing

Enhancing the quality and SEO-friendliness of your articles and blog content by teaming up with a Virtual Assistant with expertise in writing and get in-depth and well-research content of client’s website.

Online Research

To conduct any time-consuming research over the web and receive the best information for any given topic, product or events within the specified time frame.

E-mail Handling

We’ll save your valuable time by enabling a proficient Virtual Assistant to manage your email ID who would delete the unnecessary emails and organize your promotional mails on your behalf. This also includes handling the client’s queries & concerns, Managing ‘Spam’ e-mails, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Helping you increase the visibility of your offered products or service with the aid of a Virtual Assistant who would post your content on social media platforms. Not only that, the assistant can help in responding to inquiries and concerns.

Telephone Handling

Helping you keep your phone lines open to your global clients with the help of a Virtual Assistant who would answer your business calls and make detailed report on the prospects, and keep your business running even in odd hours.

Calendar Management

Helping you schedule meetings, handles bookings, runs errands (over phone and email), arranging tasks and others.

What Makes Us Different?

We don’t make you hire a virtual assistant per service type, thus lowering your costs and minimizing headaches of dealing with different individuals. Since outsourcing your needs to us connects you with a team, any lack in terms of skill availability will be cross-matched to other experts in the team. Also, we will assign you a general assistant who is able to cover multiple services. This Filipino assistant is backed up by supervisors with different specialties in order to be continually guided as well as to make sure that all finished work by the virtual worker is approved by experts.

How It Works

FREE Consultation

You can schedule a talk with us so we will be more familiar with your business and your current need. It is our aim to offer you a bespoke service so that the skillset of the assigned assistant will match the tasks which are needed to be done.

We Locate and Train the Best Professionals for You

This step involves training, equipping and managing the Filipino professional/s who will be handling your campaign. It usually requires up to several days to find a match.

Full Audit, Comprehensive Reports and Suggested Plan

We will make a full audit on your website and campaign details. You will be given a detailed report of where you are, what tasks needed to be done on different aspects of the campaign as well as the suggested breakdown of tasks for your assistant (e.g. 20% on office tasks, 25% on social media, 25% on customer support and 30% on lead generation).

Project Commencement and Reporting

We will set everything up including training the virtual assistant on the skills needed as well as information about your business. Once the assistant is ready to work, a clear start date will be given. At the end of every work week, a report will also be given to you for you to monitor the progress.

  • Cash bonuses
  • Insurance/s
  • Leaves (Holiday, Sick, Maternity, Paternity and Service-Incentive)
  • Business, Salary and Employer Taxes
  • Transportation Costs
  • Equipment costs such as computers, desks, additional monitors, etc.
  • Utilities such as internet, air conditioning, rent, and electricity
  • Free Meal, Coffee and Tea
  • Additional Trainings and Meetings
  • Awards, Prizes and Other Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my virtual assistant be located in?

We currently have two offices in the Philippines: General Santos City and in Davao City. He or she will be located in either location.

I do not like my VA, can I be assigned a different one?

Yes, however, if the VA is still a few weeks with you, we highly suggest you give the relationship more time. If the problem is the attitude, we can assist you in this area. If you think that the problem is with the skills of the VA, please tell us right away so we can find a more suitable worker for you.

I have a project-type need for a team on a fixed budget, do you offer other services?

We will soon open up an agency-type front in our website. For now, we would like you to focus on the existing virtual assistant packages. You may also contact us about this as it might be something that can be done for a fixed number of hours by one of our specialists.

What is your refund policy?

Once work has begun for that month, we no longer offer any refund as we already have signed the worker into the monthly contract. However, if you have prepaid for the whole year, you can get a refund for each month that has not been started yet.

May I hire more than one assistant?

Of course! During the initial consultation with you, we will give you options. For potential clients who have multiple businesses or who has a bigger than usual business, we will mention the option of having multiple assistants to handle different tasks.

On the other hand, if your budget is only for one virtual worker then don’t fret as we will find on the best match that can handle varying tasks.

Can I hire part-time employees?

Yes, you can. Part-time employees are preferred for small business owners or for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Once the business grows, we would encourage you to opt for a full-time assistant though as that would be a better option for the best bang for your buck.

Are there other charges aside from the monthly payments for my hired VA?

You will only be charged for a one-time setup fee for every new assistant you hire. However, if you already have paid for a setup fee but requested for a different worker, you will no longer be charged a setup fee. If you want to upgrade your campaign by adding another worker, you will also not be charged a setup fee as that fee is only for the beginning of your first subscription with us.

I want to give a tip, how do I do that?

Just tell us to who you want to give a tip to and we will send details on where to send the tip (email address which has PayPal).