Kilter Triples Its Leads Flow!

Kilter TermitesKilter is one of the best termite and pest control companies which focus on helping out homeowners in the Orange County. So far, they are on schedule to have a stronger online presence!

THE CHALLENGE, was to optimize the whole site and arrange it so it can cater to different people in different cities. Since they have multiple branches, the challenge would be how to rank for local high traffic keywords with a CITY string. For example, “termite control CITY”. Since each branch caters to a different set of keywords, each page has to be optimized properly both for organic rankings and local rankings (such as Google’s 7-pack and 3-pack of businesses).

THE SOLUTION, was to look at each branch and its respective page as a distinct business entity. This means it has to have its own campaign, own business listings and its own business identity. The results speak for itself:

Kilter Rankings OverviewThe site saw a huge improvement in almost all its rankings. It was also now ranking for hundreds of new keywords allowing to get a traffic increase such as this…

Kilter TrafficAs you can see, there is a consistent increase in traffic despite changes in traffic due to seasons. This has resulted to more leads (calls, inquiries and walk-ins).

Services Availed

  • Local SEO (Aug 2014 – June 2016)
  • Online Reputation Management (Aug 2014 – June 2016)

Posted on

October 3, 2016