Social Media Marketing

Make sure you’re always at the top of search engine results in order to get as many visitors as possible.

Keep People Engaged With Your Brand

Your potential customers use social media every single day. That fact alone is a huge opportunity for you to connect with them in any topic they are interested in. The question is, are you capitalizing on this opportunity?

With Telic, you are ensured a quality social media campaign that will target the right audience using the right message.

Our Social Media Process


Know your target demographic, its interests and what platforms they use.


Create a custom action plan and improvement plan for your social media brand.

Split Testing

Multiple test ads and post formats will be used for comparison to be made. As we gather more data, we will continually execute new split tests to further refine the campaign.


Get all the details, logins, links and everything needed for project to commence.

Audience Identification

We will custom create an audience that will be continuously targeted in the campaign.

Engagement Optimization

To get the most amount of engagement for the ad budget, optimization tactics should be implemented. We will monitor campaign to make sure target market is always engaged.

Results We Have Delivered

Travel & Tours Agency

A travel and tours agency enjoys huge organic boosts in post engagements. This company has seen tremendous growth in new incoming organic leads every month. In due time, they will slowly become a market leader in their niche.

Local Supply Store

A local supply store located in Davao City, Philippines has seen huge growth in page likes and followers. The industry they operate in is commonly viewed as not a good business to invest in social media yet they have seen a big amount of new incoming leads from social media by using professional images and video to market products.

Buffet Restaurant

A less than a year old buffet restaurant in a highly competitive area has seen consistent stream of inquiries and bookings through their social media profiles. They are nearing ₱50 million in annual revenue with 95% of the marketing focused on social media.


I highly recommend Telic because they are very professional on how they deliver their online services and even sometimes they will assist you offline, and the most important is how they valued their clients. Working with them on our business have been productive and smooth.

Irene Co

General Manager, Top One Grill & Hotpot

Telic has been providing two of our companies Digital Growth Marketing for the past 3-4 months already, and in those months, both companies’ had tremendous results and yielded hefty sales conversions. Am very happy working with them as they are very knowledgeable about their industry and they can indeed walk the talk. Two thumbs up!

Lance Cinco

Sales Manager, 1 Mission Sales

Our experience of Telic is that they are a very responsive social media marketing service with regular progress reporting and close coordination with us. Highly recommended!

Mark Seng

General Manager, SKS Interiors